A Beginner’s Guide to Crystals


The Best Stones for Your Skin & Soul 

When it comes to radiant skin, we’ll take all the help we can get – down to the smallest vibrations. That’s why we made a line of skincare products that takes everything into account, from skin to soul. Our Aura Glow Gel Creams are each infused with a hand-selected, high-vibrational crystal, to heal your soul and nourish your skin. Beauty is more than skin deep, after all.  

New to crystals? No worries. Here are some of the basics.   

How to Use Crystals  

Crystals are organic conductors that are said to absorb, moderate and radiate energy. Thus, when used with intention, crystals can help us curate the energy in our lives. Crystals absorb our own unique energy and the energy around us, while either amplifying, moderating or diminishing certain frequencies. For example, black tourmaline is believed to help shield you from negative energy, while aquamarine is said to help you go with the flow.  

We believe that everything is energy in this world, so crystals can be powerful manifestation tools. A carefully chosen and maintained crystal can go a long way in our lives, which is why we hand-selected the crystals infused in our products and cleansed them in the ocean under a full moon. So, whether you’re manifesting a new love or clearer skin, crystals might be the secret ingredient.  

Here are a few of the crystals used in Heritage Store products, and what they may do: 

Rose Quartz 

Suggested for: Cancer, Scorpio, Aquarius  

Known as the stone of universal love, rose quartz is often used to help open your heart to others. Rose quartz is believed to restore trust and harmony, so if you’re recovering from a vulnerable heartbreak or you’re just a Cancer looking to crawl out of your shell, rose quartz may be instrumental to that process.  

Heritage Store Hydrating Rose Aura Glow Gel Cream brings together rose quartz with other powerful ingredients like Damask rose, snow mushroom and witch hazel. The result? A lightweight, moisturizing gel perfect for dewy skin and an open heart.  


Suggested for: Taurus, Virgo 

For those looking to add some energy, brightness and joy into their lives, citrine may be the perfect stone for you. This bright crystal can help surround you with positive energy, and promotes an optimistic outlook.  

In our Heritage Store Brightening Citrus Aura Glow Gel Cream, we’ve combined the positive energy of citrine with sweet orange oil and bakuchiol. Use this lightweight moisturizer to awaken and rejuvenate your complexion while immersing your soul in optimistic vibes. 

Clear Quartz 

Suggested for: Libra, Pisces 

This is a fast-paced world, and life can quickly become overwhelmingWhen priorities become unclear, energy gets muddled in the chaos. Clear quartz can help you cut through the noise and reset your energy. Known as the master healer of crystals, clear quartz is a powerful tool for adding clarity to your life. 

By combining clear quartz with tea tree oil and white willow extract, Heritage Store Clarifying Lemon Aura Glow Gel Cream works to cleanse and clarify pores for a more radiant complexion  


Suggested for: Aries, Leo 

Amethyst is believed to soothe over negative energyIn addition to its calming nature, it is also known to help you access your spiritual intuition, making it a complementary stone for certain Aries and Leos who may have a tendency to get carried away by their passions.  

Heritage Store Calming Lavender Aura Glow Gel Cream is infused with amethyst for a light, calming moisturizer. We also added lavender oil and senna extract to soothe and refresh irritable skin.  


Suggested for: GeminiSagittarius, Capricorn  

Jade is an excellent source of balance, as it works to harmonize your energies for an approach to life that’s rooted in wisdomIt may help open your heart chakra to become more accepting and loving. Jade is also the stone of wealth and prosperity, so keep it around if you’re actively working to manifest your dreams.  

When added to organic green tea and hemp oil, jade helps give these ingredients hydrating and balancing power. Heritage Store Balancing CBD Aura Glow Gel Cream, which you can find at select retailers like Ulta and Target, is filled with naturally-occurring antioxidants and CBD to keep your skin tone balanced and your vibes high.  

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