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Black Castor Oil

Fragrance Free, 8oz

Black Castor Oil - Fragrance Free

About the Product

Black Castor Oil (8oz)
Dark, nourishing oil for stronger, fuller, and shinier hair.

  • Vegan

Black Castor Oil

Beauty born from the ashes. Like our popular, pure, cold-pressed castor oil, Heritage Store Black Castor Oil nourishes and nurtures your skin, hydrates your hair for added strength, fullness, and shine, and helps bring out your boldest brows and most beautiful lashes. Black Castor Oil, however, is made using the traditional African method of pressing and boiling roasted castor beans to create a naturally occuring ash that gives the oil a rich, dark color. This ash has been said to support cleansing and nourishment to hair follicles. Black Castor Oil is rich in omegas, minerals, and ricinoleic fatty acids that help to moisturize dry areas and smooth the appearance of uneven or discolored skin.


Ricinus Communis (Castor) Oil

How to Use

Apply small amount to scalp and roots of your hair or eyebrows and massage in to nourish your hair follicles. Massage into joints or dry skin to smooth and soothe healthy skin.