Black Seed Oil Capsules
Black Seed Oil Capsules - 90ct

Health and beauty for the whole you. Trusted and used in traditional health practices for thousands of years, black seed oil – known as the “seed of blessing” – is still used today for its many health and beauty benefits.


With antioxidants including nigellone and thymoquinone, this powerful oil may provide nutritive support for a healthy immune system and normal heart function. Additionally, its rich content of naturally occurring amino acids and fatty acids may help support cardiovascular and joint health as well as healthy digestion. While it may help you feel your best, Black Seed Oil may also help you look your best! 100% pure and cold-pressed, Heritage Store Black Seed Oil capsules may help support hydrated hair, softer skin, and an overall more vibrant, healthy appearance.


Black Cumin Seed Oil typically provides 24% Omega-9, 58% Omega-6, 11% Palmitic acid, 2.5% Stearic acid, 3% Eicosadienic acid, up to 1% Nigellone and Thymoquinone (TQ).


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