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Rosewater & Glycerin W/atomizer - Rose

Rosewater & Glycerin w/Atomizer

Rosewater and Glycerin with Atomizer (4oz, 8oz)
Simple, soothing moisturizing mist for a beautiful complexion, hydrated hair, and a fresh, classic scent.


Rosewater W/atomizer - Rose

Rosewater w/Atomizer

Rose Petals Rosewater with Atomizer (4oz, 8oz)
Our cult-classic moisturizing spray to refresh and soothe your skin and hair


Aura Smudge - Juniper Sage

Aura Smudge

Aura Smudge™
Smokeless Juniper Sage Mist
Essential oil aromatherapy spray for purifying, clearing, and uplifting your space.


Castor Oil Lavender, Organic - Lavender

Castor Oil Lavender, Organic

Organic Castor Oil with Lavender
The rich hydration of castor oil for softer skin and stronger, shinier hair with the calming aroma of lavender.