Our Values

Clean products for people and the planet | Positive energy and intention in all we do

Less is more

Many of our products have short ingredient lists, like our signature Rosewater with just two: Damask Rose and Vor-Mag™ water. Why? Because we want to give you more of the good.

Our signature Vor-Mag™ water

We believe in passing along positive energy, which is why we use only Vor-Mag™ water in our products. Made with our proprietary technology, our water is vortexed and magnetized, which raises the water to a higher vibration. Vortexed water has properties that mimic the way your body processes water. We believe this helps make more effective products for your skin and soul.

Committed to purity

Our products are always cruelty-free and rooted in clean, botanical ingredients. Since we believe that the world needs a little less toxicity, we avoid using unnecessary additives like artificial dyes and fragrances, harsh preservatives, phthalates and sulfates.

Crystal-infused products

We believe that crystals help to positively influence your energy and mood. So, we infuse some of our products with hand-selected crystals based on their color and energetic properties. Each crystal is cleansed in the ocean under a full moon before being used in our products.


Sourcing for social impact

We try to do more behind the scenes to give back. For example, our Black Castor Oil comes from Haitian Women’s Cooperatives because empowering women can help transform communities, economies and the world.

Our history

Heritage Store was born in the summer of ’69 in Virginia Beach — the hair was long, the music was funky and the vibes were good. The story begins with founder Tom Johnson. Formerly a corporate engineer, Tom dropped everything and moved to Virginia Beach in search of enlightenment.

Tom devoted himself to studying holistic medicine and energy healing. His findings motivated him to open a health food store that promoted the interconnectedness of the mind, body and spirit. It was here that Heritage Store’s products, like our classic Rosewater formula, were first made available to the world.

A lot has changed since then, but one thing that hasn’t is our passion for providing you with clean products for your skin, smile and soul.

For your 50 years of love, light and support - thank you!