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How To Use A Castor Oil Pack

November 29, 2019

How To Use A Castor Oil Pack

Castor Packs 101

From nourishing dry or damaged hair to enhancing eyelashes and making your brows look more defined, beauty experts everywhere can’t stop talking about castor oil. But what many in the industry have yet to discover is that the benefits of castor oil extend well beyond cosmetics. In fact, this highly versatile oil has a long history of use for a wide array of wellness applications as well.

What is Castor Oil?

Grown in tropical regions, the Ricinus communis plant, commonly called “The Palma Christi,” produces seeds known as castor beans. When pressed, these beans release a highly concentrated oil rich in ricinoleic acid – an omega 9 essential fatty acid traditionally used and studied to address a myriad of health and wellness concerns.

Perhaps the most potent and powerful way to apply castor oil for deeply rejuvenating and restoring benefits is through the use of castor oil packs.

How to Use Castor Oil Packs

Gather your contents.

To make a castor pack you will need the following: 

  • Castor pack kit (Castor Oil, Wool Flannel, and Cleansing Towelettes)
  • Heat source (Heating the oil helps aid in oil absorption. We recommend a heating pad or folded heating blanket.) 
  • Water resistant barrier (This is used to protect your heat source from oil stains. We recommend our Castor Oil Pack Holder which can be used for several applications. You can also use plastic cling wrap, or grocery bags.)  
  • Bowl (This holds the oil and allows you to saturate the wool flannel.) 
  • Old towel, robe, or blanket (You will want to add a protective barrier between your body and where you will be lying (bed, couch, floor, etc.). This will ensure that excess oil is contained,  preventing unwanted oil stains.) 

Set up your environment. 

  • Turn on the heating pad to begin pre-heating. 
  • Saturate the flannel with the castor oil in your bowl.
  • Place the old towel or blanket where you will be lying down. 
  • Set the mood. You will be lying down for 45 minutes to an hour. Make some tea, light a candle, grab a book, listen to a podcast, watch a show you are currently binging, or do whatever calls to you that will create a relaxing environment.
  • Set your intention. What are your most sincere health goals? Envision how this pack will support your wellness journey. 

 Apply the castor pack.

  • Lie down flat and place the saturated flannel over your abdomen. 
  • Cover the flannel with our convenient Castor Oil Pack Holder or another protective barrier. 
  • Apply the heating pad. 
  • Wrap the towel/robe/blanket that you are lying on around your body for added warmth and comfort.
  • Now, relax for 45 minutes to an hour and allow the castor oil to nourish your body. 

Clean up. 

  • After removing the pack, cleanse the skin with the Castor Clean™ Towelettes or make a solution of 1 tsp. baking soda in 1 pint of water and apply the mixture to your skin with a paper towel. Showering directly after also helps to remove any excess oil left on the skin. 
  • Store your pack in a glass jar and keep it in a cool place. The packs can be used repeatedly, replenishing the oil as necessary for up to a year. 

Now, you have one more way to add the rejuvenating, enriching benefits of castor oil to your fuss-free, self-care regimen! While nourished hair, fuller looking lashes, and more defined eyebrows can help you look your best, we believe that true beauty begins when you feel your best. Give Heritage Store Castor Oil Packs a try and feel the difference from the inside out!

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