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Lanolin, Anhydrous

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Moisturize, nourish, and protect your skin. After a day outdoors, nursing a newborn, or working with your hands, treat your skin to the soothing, softening strength of golden lanolin. Perfect for making your own lip balm, body cream, or belly butter, Heritage Store Lanolin helps to replace the natural lipids of your skin for a smoother, more supple feel. Designed to keep moisture in and harsh effects out, our fragrance-free, 100% Pure USP Anhydrous Lanolin melts at body temperature to create a powerfully protective barrier. Soothing for moms, babies, or anyone with sun-exposed, dry, or chapped skin, Lanolin nourishes from head to toe.

Ingredients: Lanolin (100% Pure USP Anhydrous) from sheared sheep wool.

How To Use: Suitable for the entire body and especially soothing for dry skin. Apply as needed to skin exposed to sun, wind, or harsh environment to enhance a soft, translucent and smooth texture.