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Cinnamon Essential Oil

Cinnamon, 1oz

Cinnamon Essential Oil - 1oz

About the Product

Cinnamon Essential Oil (1oz)
Revitalizing essence to relax your body, freshen your space, and warm your body.

Spice up your energy with the sweet aromatic essence of cinnamon.

With its sweet, warm, and invigorating scent, simply mentioning the word cinnamon seems to infuse the senses. Now, you can enjoy the musky aroma and revitalizing sensation of cinnamon anytime. Heritage Store Cinnamon Essential Oil literally spices up a warming massage to help relax or soothe cold, achy joints and muscles. Cinnamon Essential Oil is designed to enhance the energy of both body and mind. And just as it refreshes your spirits, a cinnamon water spray can freshen musty, closed spaces and dark corners with a clean, earthy aroma.

Eco-friendly and cruelty free, you can trust that Heritage Store Cinnamon Essential Oil for powerfully pure quality.


Cinnamomom Cassia (Chinese Cinnamon) Leaf Oil

How to Use

As a massage ingredient, cinnamon oil can be used to help alleviate tension, increase vitality and promote circulation. It also makes a superb environmental freshener. A cinnamon water spray knocks mustiness out of the air in closed spaces and dark corners, leaving an earthy, clean aroma.