Designed to help your castor oil pack stay in place, this wrap-around holder is convenient and easy to use. You can relax and unwind while your wellness treatment goes to work.

Let our castor pack holder make your wellness treatments as simple and enjoyable as possible. 

• Keeps your heating pad in place.

• Flannel-lined vinyl protects clothing.

• No more careful balancing to avoid transference on fabrics.

How to Use

This flannel-lined, vinyl holder helps protect your heating pad and clothing from oil. Place vinyl side of holder against saturated wool or cotton flannel that is positioned on desired area of the body. Center pack between flaps and secure with straps, inserting heating pad inside pouch of holder, if desired. Adjust heat setting if needed. To wash, use mild soap and water. Vinyl may be cleansed with baking soda and water.

For Wellness Packs

How We Like To Use

Wellness packs are used to relax and bring balance back to the body, but nothing is more annoying than a slipping and sliding pack. This holder creates an easy, soothing experience.


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