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Breathe Here Now Roll-On


Breath is life. Breathe. Reset your breath and mind to the present moment. Formulated with organic eucalyptus, balsam fir, hyssop, and may chang essential oils in a jojoba oil base, our pre-diluted, absorptive blend comes in a convenient roll-on bottle for simple, efficient application to your chest, back, neck, feet, or directly under your nose. Apply before breath work practice, when seasonal threats are high, or night for a more restful sleep. Consciously inhale the comforting, soothing aroma and allow the refreshing oils to help you Breathe Here Now™.

Ingredients: Jojoba (Simmondsia Chinensis) Seed Oil*, Eucalyptus (Eucalyptus Radiata) Oil*, Balsam Fir (Abies balsamea) Oil*, Hyssop (Hyssopus Officinalis Var Decumbens) Oil*, May Chang (Litsea Cubeba) Oil*. *Certified Organic

How To Use: Apply to chest, back, neck, soles of the feet, or directly under the nose in a circular motion. Breathe with conscious attention.