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Our Values

Keeping it down to earth

Since 1969, we’ve stayed rooted in preserving and honoring natural self-care practices. Our goal is to create products that feed your skin, nurture your soul, and respect Mother Earth in the process.


At Sunny Green, you’ll find algae, chlorophyll, grasses, and specialty green formulas perfected over decades.


Choose single ingredient or combination tablets, chewables, vegetarian capsules, liquids, extracts, and great-tasting powder drink mixes.


Our ingredients are harvested responsibly from the very same places you love to explore.


We never use fillers or binders — just great ingredients, trusted for over 20 years.

What Clean Means

Minimalist formulas
We use pure ingredients that keep our products simple.

No harsh stuff
We avoid unnecessary additives like alcohol, harsh preservatives, and dyes.

Pure Ingredients
We carefully select and test all of our ingredients.

Vor-Mag™ water

All about the vibes. Through our proprietary Vor-Mag™ process, the water we use in our products is vortexed and magnetized to raise its energy to a higher vibration. We believe this process creates a more effective product, and a gorgeous energy lift for you.

Sourcing for change

We source to make a social impact
Our castor oil comes from a women’s cooperative in Haiti to support economic development in the area impacted by the 2010 earthquake.

The Latest

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