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Lanolin, Anhydrous

Lanolin, Anhydrous

Catalog Number: 533048

Brand: Heritage

Size: 4 oz

Form: Cream

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Product Description

Replenish and Enhance a Soft, Translucent and Smooth Texture.
Soothing for moms, babies and people with skin conditions, pure golden lanolin melts at body temperature to nourish delicate skin.

* Deeply soothing emollient replaces the natural lipids of the skin
* Protective moisturizer for dry and chapped skin exposed to harsh weather
* Traditionally used and endorsed by La Leche League
* Excellent for gardeners, construction works, anyone who works with their hands
* Derived from sheared New Zealand sheep wool not from China

Directions: Suitable for the entire body and especially soothing for dry skin. Apply as needed to skin exposed to sun, wind, or harsh environment to enhance a soft, translucent and smooth texture.

Ingredient: Lanolin (100% Pure USP Anhydrous) from sheared sheep wool. Free of preservatives. Recommended by Edgar Cayce.

Caution: For external use only. Avoid contact with eyes. Keep out of reach of children.

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