The fresh feeling of spring… all year long.

When life’s demands have you feeling overwhelmed or burnt out, rejuvenate your spirit with the fresh fragrance of Heritage Store Lilac Flower Water. Highly anticipated all winter long, lilac blossoms signal the start of spring and burst with a sweet scent that evokes feelings of peace and contentment.

So whether you spray Lilac Flower Water into the air or onto linens, or whether you mist the refreshing fragrance directly onto your hair or your skin, you’ll love the way the scent centers your thoughts and soothes your senses like the first blush of spring.

Ingredients: Vor-mag Water (water that has been vortexed and magnetized to raise the energy to a higher vibration that we believe to be more beneficial), and Parfum (Lilac).

How To Use: Mist the soft scent of Spring lilacs into your environment to evoke the essence of peace and contentment.



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