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Lemon Shampoo

Lemon Shampoo for Thicker Hair

Catalog Number: 169827

Brand: Your Crown & Glory

Size: 8.5 oz

Form: Liquid

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Product Description

Your Crown and Glory 'Just for Him' is just for YOU if you are a man experiencing hair loss and want to have thicker, healthier hair! This unique hair shampoo therapy has provided great results for our customers over the last decade and is safe for color treated hair. 'Just for Him' is formulated especially for men in mind. The formulation contains citrus extracts like lime, tangerine, and grapefruit! These citrus extracts cut through excess dirt, natural body oils, perspiration, and hair fixatives. Cleaning the scalp allows your hair to surface naturally just like nature intended. Try our Exfoliating shampoo 1-2 times per week to improve your results! Whether you're using our 'Just for Him' everyday shampoo, or our great new Exfoliating shampoo, follow up with our minty Conditioner! We have all products available in the trial size for your convenience.

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