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Lemongrass, Essential Oil


Purify and lighten.

Naturally glowing skin, shinier hair, and a calming, citrusy scent – lemongrass does it all. Naturally soothing skin irritations, Heritage Store Lemongrass is a powerfully purifying cleanser and natural toner and adds a calming aromatherapeutic touch. Combine a couple drops with your shampoo or conditioner to deep-clean your scalp, help clean hair and boost shine. Perfect to pair with an alleviating massage, lemongrass can also help to ease feelings of tension.

However you use it, you’re sure to make Heritage Store Lemongrass Essential Oil a favorite part of your daily skin, hair, and self-care routine.

Ingredients: Cymbopogon Citratus (Lemongrass) Oil.

How To Use: Add to massage oil, room spray, or body splash for uplifting and refreshing aromatherapy.

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