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Lemon, Essential Oil


Bright and cheery. Inside and out.

Clean, fresh, and bright – these are only a few words that describe the uplifting aroma of lemon essential oil. With cleansing properties and mood-boosting components, it’s no surprise why lemon is a favorite among aestheticians and aromatherapists alike. The perfect addition to your skin and self-care care routine, Heritage Store Lemon Essential Oil is designed to clarify your complexion and your mind.

When diluted with your favorite carrier oil and applied to your skin or added to your face wash, lemon essential oil can help brighten and clarify. Diffused into the air, the cheerful, bright aroma lifts your mood, revitalizes the room, and can help reduce feelings of occasional stress.

Eco-friendly and cruelty free, you can trust that Heritage Store Lemon Essential Oil for powerfully pure quality.

Ingredients: Citrus Medica Limonom (Lemon) Oil.

How To Use: Refreshing lemon is an aromatherapy agent used in massage oils, natural perfumes, healthy cleaning solutions, and complexion care. Diffused into a room this zesty essence is a favorite for uplifting your senses and balancing the environment.


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